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We are pleased to report that bookings have not been too affected by the credit crunch. 2009 has yielded some interesting collaborations and event bookings.



Norden Carnival

Norden Carnival

Norden Primary School, 20-Jun-2009

Several members have connections to Norden village in Rochdale and were happy to be invited to play again this year.

Hebden Bridge Arts Week

Hebden Bridge Arts Week

Hebden Bridge Town Square, 27-Jun-2009

Tantara were the first act to play opening the Saturday street performances around the town.

Whittaker Moss Music Week

Whittaker Moss Music Week

Whittaker Moss School, Norden, 29-Jun-2009

Building on last years success Tantara again demonstrated the Japanese art of taiko drumming to open their ‘Arts and Culture’ week.

Middleton Popstars Show

Middleton Popstars

Middleton Arena, 18-July-2009
Tickets £5, from Middleton Popstars Academy
Tantara are supporting the Popstars Dancers for one of their numbers.
Middleton Arena

Littleborough Rushbearing Festival

Littleborough Rushbearing

Littleborough Town Square, 19-Jul-2009

Despite very inclement weather we managed to sneak out one half hour set between showers.

Littleborough Arts Festival

Littleborough Arts Festival

Heritage Centre

Rochdale Observer Article

Littleborough Arts Festival

Littleborough Arts Week

Heritage Centre

Japan Day at Todmorden Town Hall

Japan Day | Todmorden Town Hall

There will be two Taiko performances, also featured are origami, Japanese food and musicians

Masters of Martial Arts Grading Ceremony

World Ju Jitsu Federation Grading | Blackpool

Stanley Park — Blackpool, 10-Oct-2009

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