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Tantara saw a very successful 2008 with thirteen performances given. Starting with a bang we played two slots at the Clitheroe music festival. Gigs have ranged from local fund raisers to larger festivals and carnivals.

We are pleased to see an increase in bookings and enquiries. We are happy to say that we already have a booking for October 2009!


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Clitheroe Music Festival

Clitheroe Music Festival

Clitheroe, 17-May-2008

Tantara rose to the challenge playing two sets at this well supported annual festival. In the morning we played in the impressive bandstand with the castle as backdrop. The afternoon yielded a larger audience as taiko drumming hit the high street, closed off specially for the event.

Norden Carnival

Norden Carnival

Norden Primary School, 14-Jun-2008

Several members have connections to Norden village in Rochdale. At the carnival the clouds grew darker by the minute as we played, our finish timed to perfection as we ran inside with the drums just as the heavens opened.

Dr. Kershaws Hospice

Dr Kershaws Hospice

Dr. Kershaws, Royton, 29-Jun-2008

The band played in celebration of the ordination of Reverend Maureen Stirzaker who is chaplain at Dr. Kershaws Hospice. Children were encouraged to have a go at drumming after the performance. This offer was enthusiastically taken up!

Whittaker Moss Music Week

Whittaker Moss School, Norden, 29-Jun-2008

As part of their ‘Arts and Culture’ week Tantara demonstrated the Japanese art of taiko drumming.

Darnhill Festival

Darnhill School, 05-Jul-2008

A day of arts and music where Tantara played gamely in the sweltering heat.

St. Matthews Fund Raising Day

St Matthews Fund Raising Day

Chadderton, 12-Jul-2008

A church fund raising day.

Dr. Kershaws Hospice Fundraiser

Dr Kershaws, Royton, 20-Jul-2008

A very windy day raising money for the hospice.

Rochdale Feelgood Festival

Rochdale Feelgood Festival

Rochdale Town Square, 26-Jul-2008

Organised by Link4Life the event promoted health activities. Tantara played on the portable trailer stage. Hitting a resonant frequency in our final battle piece, we quite literally rocked the stage!

Littleborough Rushbearing Festival

Littleborough Town Square, 27-Jul-2008

Easily the hottest day of the year in Rochdale. Tantara gamely played two sets due to another act dropping out. Our second set again timed to perfection, striking our finish as the rush cart entered the square.

Littleborough Arts Festival

Littleborough Arts Week

Littleborough Coach House, 31-Aug-2008

Tantara at the opening day of this week long arts festival. Our incredible run of luck on good weather finally ended. Huddled under a large gazebo, sheltering from the rain, the show went on.

Keri-Anne Payne Civic Reception

Keri Anne Payne

Rochdale Town Hall, 04-Sep-2008

Tantara were delighted to play at Rochdale Town Hall’s civic reception for Keri-Anne Payne, the Olympic silver medalist in Beijing for the 10km swim.

Rochdale Music Society AGM

Cooperative Museum, Toad Lane, Rochdale, 08-Oct-2008

Tantara provided an alternative musical interlude at the AGM.

Rochdale Music Society

St. Martin’s Church, Castleton, Rochdale, 15-Dec-2008

Tantara were invited to play again at the Rochdale Music Society inaugural concert. The sympathetically restored church building provided an impressive venue.