Tantara Taiko Drumming Text

Taiko Drum Related Sites

Groups in the UK

Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers www.taiko.co.uk,
Britain’s first professional group, based in Scotland.

Tamashii Taiko www.taikoschool.com,
Based in London and run by Liz Walters.

Taiko Meantime taikomeantime.rhythmworks.com,
Based in Greenwich and run by Mark Alcock.

Taiko West www.taikowest.com,
Based in Wales / West Midlands and run by James Barrow.

Kagemusha Taiko www.kagemusha.com,
Based around Exeter and run by John Kirby.

Thunderdrummers www.taikocumbria.blogspot.com,
Based in the Lake District and run by Dee Swift.

Drum Makers in the UK

Dave Samuels — Woodworks drum maker on the Isle of Arran.

Ruth Mae — Bachi (drum stick) maker on the Isle of Arran.