Tantara Taiko Drumming Text

Taiko Drum Making

Making a Taiko Drum

Traditional taiko drum bodies are constructed from a single piece of wood. A section of tree trunk is hollowed from the inside and shaped. A lot of time and effort is put into the creation of the drums and some Tantara members have decided to construct their own.

Taiko Drums From Whisky Barrel’s

Taking Apart The whisky Barrel

A common method is to use a cut down whisky or wine barrel. Yvonne and Adrian are using this method to fashion their taiko bodies. This involves taking the barrel apart, cleaning up and glueing together the staves. The drum body is then reinforced prior to skinning with cowhide.

Canvas Okedo Style Taiko

Tantara own several rope tuned canvas okedo’s. Several industrial cardboard containers have been acquired that we hope will make effective homemade versions.